Hello and welcome to our blog! This is the About us section, where you can learn more about our team and our mission in MTB. Our team is composed of passionate individuals who are dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information about the latest news and developments in the ever-changing world of 3D technology. We are committed to helping our readers stay informed and ahead of the curve, so they can make the best decisions for their needs.

Our mission is simple: to help you stay informed in the 3D niche and make the best decisions for your needs. 

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Our Team

General Editor and Owner, Helen

Helen McWoods is a professional writer and editor with over 10 years of experience. She has written for a variety of publications, including the biggest hi-tech magazines. Her work has been published in many different countries around the world, including Germany, Italy and Australia.

Helen’s passion is 3D Technology. She always loved hi-tech but 3D Reality was something that she never thought of before. She attended the first course on 3D printing technology and she was immediately fascinated by it.

Helen started to participate in different courses and tutorials about 3D printing, and she started to build her own 3D printer. She started with simple projects like making a small case for her phone or making a few decorations, but soon she realized that this is not enough for her!

She wanted to learn more about the technology behind 3D printing. This is how she found out about the first ever course on 3D Printing Technology by IITC. She is also very proud to have written a Wikipedia article about herself!

Now McWoods is owner and editor of her own blog which you are reading now! Helen’s story is not an exception. There are many people who have found a passion for 3D printing technology and they want to learn more about it. This is why we created Most-top-best.com

Direct email: [email protected]

3D Expert and Writer, Peter

Peter Dimensington is a professional in 3D Sphere.

He really knows his stuff, and he’s smart enough to back it up.

Worked on the development of new technologies for 3D scanning and 3D printing.

– Developed software for 3D scanning and 3D printer, including operating system and drivers.

– Configured hardware devices such as cameras, lasers, and scanners.

Interested into design and prototyping of 3D printers and scanners. – Tried to make some 3D prints with different types of materials like ABS, PLA, HIPS etc.

Have experience in writing for big hi-tech magazines. I love new technologies and I always want to be on the cutting edge. That’s why I write about them – to share my experience with other people who are interested in this stuff like me.

Direct email: [email protected]

Author and 3D Enthusiast, Eun-Ji (은지)

Eun-Ji is a journalist by training and a 3D enthusiast by nature. She studied journalism in university and has been writing ever since, but it was only recently that she discovered her love for 3D modeling.

She loves the challenge of creating a convincing world using nothing but pixels, and she hopes to use her writing skills to help other creators make their dreams come true!

She comes from a family of engineers, so she knows how hard it can be to bring new ideas to life. But she also knows how satisfying it is when those ideas are finally realized—and that’s exactly why she loves helping others turn their dreams into reality.

Direct email: [email protected]

Partners Manager, Marie

Marie Whatz is a very communicative and extraverted person. She loves to make people laugh, and she has a good sense of humor. Marie knows how to find the path to any person, which is why she’s been so successful in her career as a partners manager.

She is also passionate about education and helping others find their way through life.

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SEO and Digital Manager, Kolin

Kolin Heel is a self-educated SEO specialist and web designer who has been working with the internet since he was 14. He knows how the web works and is dedicated to helping useful articles be found in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization.

Direct email: [email protected]

Here is our team. If you want to join it and you have something to tell – contact us!