A 3D printer allows you to create a variety of voluminous objects by transferring them from a digital format to a real one. Such innovative devices are powered by specialized software. Today, the technology of creating three-dimensional parts and elements has become popular all over the world and is used in almost all spheres of human life. 3D printing has become especially important in medicine, construction, automotive and design.

Printing can be done on different materials, including ceramics, plastic, plaster, metal. Three-dimensional modeling will allow you to create models, figurines, souvenirs, household and interior items, prostheses, vehicle parts, building materials and any exclusive miniature or large gizmos.

Now not only enterprises use 3D printers, but also at home. And if the experts are well versed in this type of technology, then it will be difficult for an inexperienced person to buy their first printer. Let’s figure out how to choose a 3d printer, what criteria to focus on when choosing and which brands are highly popular today.

Key parameters for choosing a 3D printer

In order not to regret your purchase, you need to prepare in advance for choosing a device. Despite the fact that today in every store (including online stores) consultants are ready to help, it is still better if you will understand yourself the technique and the key factors of its choice. So, how to choose the right 3d printer and such a device based on personal preferences and business needs and not to regret, especially if you plan to make money on 3D printing?

So, here are the parameters you need to pay attention to:

  1. 3D Printing technology – if metal or metallic thread is used to create objects, then this is a specific FDM technology. Printing on liquid polymer involves the use of the SLA format, and to give the desired shape to the material in powder form, digital SLS technology.
  2. Opportunities – it will not be superfluous to check what additional functions, complement elements the machine is equipped with. This can be a print speed control, a temperature controller, automatic shutdown during long continuous operation, and other electronic innovations.
  3. Print area – the dimensions of the finished part directly depend on the parameters of the desktop and the volume of the item itself. Printers for home use have a working area of ​​13 by 13 by 13 cm, and professional ones – 50 by 50 by 50 cm.
  4. User software – the better the software product, the more convenient it will be to manage the device. In principle, experts try to put into practice the most easy-to-configure and manage software.
  5. Detail printing speed – the technique can print at a speed of 10 to 150 mm per second. Indicators of home models can be no higher than 20 mm per second.

Now you can proceed to the choice of the manufacturer of equipment.

TOP brands of 3D printers

Today there is a huge variety of 3D printers, they are really different, which differ in price, technical characteristics, and purpose. To narrow down your choices and make it easier for you, let’s take a look at two of the best options for home and business.

Experts recommend purchasing the following models for home use:

  1. “FlashForge Finder” – it is suitable for beginners. It is protected by a durable case. It has dimensions of 42 by 42 by 42 cm. It is possible to integrate with the PolarCloud working service. It features high startup speed, high-quality assembly, ease of operation, but there are restrictions on the print height.
  2. “Creality3D Ender 3” – it will provide high quality printing, has a low cost, has a large working surface. Of the minuses – high noise during operation and the need for an additional purchase of perforated glass.

How to choose best 3d printer? The best models of 3D equipment for business today are:

  1. “Anycubic Photon S” – with a large desktop, quality printing and solid construction, but it has the disadvantage of slow printing.
  2. “Wanhao Duplicator 8” – the body is constructed of durable steel material, reasonable price, high print quality and large touch screen parameters, but you will get slow printing.

In choosing, be guided by your budget, needs, both personal and business, as well as reviews of real buyers on the network, very often it is the latter factor that becomes the decisive link in the course of choice. And yet, you can always take advantage of a huge variety of manufacturers of these devices with an impeccable reputation: 3D SYSTEMS, GEOMETRIES, PHENIX SYSTEMS and many others.


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