New technologies have changed the rules of the game and set a new standard in the 3D scanning market. Mobile and fast, the Creaform HandySCAN 307 3D scanner impresses with accurate 3D scan data at the highest possible resolution. Users note that the scanner is very easy to use. In addition, in its price category, the model significantly outperforms all analogues on the market, including its predecessors.

Creaform HandySCAN 307 review shows, that it is a reliable 3D scanning tool. This handheld laser scanner has been successfully used in automotive, education and science, culture and architecture.

Unlike its predecessors, HandySCAN 307:

  • 25 times faster than the previous generation;
  • 40% more accurate scanning;
  • 35% lighter and takes up 50% less space;
  • has multi-functional buttons for easier interaction with the software.

Key Features

The scanner has no competitors in its price segment. In addition, it has the following features:

  • unique precision and resolution;
  • accuracy is maintained regardless of external conditions;
  • connection does not require complicated setup or calibration;
  • own positioning system;
  • the scanner can work autonomously;
  • the device weighs less than 1 kg;
  • compact dimensions;
  • high scanning speed;
  • even an inexperienced user can handle the controls;
  • visualization in real time.

The model has several laser crosses, as well as automatic mesh generation. These unique features allow you to significantly speed up the scanning process. Now the device setup, workflow and release of the finished file will take only a few seconds.

Thus, the above review make Creaform HandySCAN 307 an excellent metrology tool with uniquely high accuracy.

The scanner is perfect for the following areas:

  • 3D positioning;
  • production of three-dimensional models;
  • reverse engineering;
  • creation of digital archives;
  • strict control of model geometry;
  • measurement of premises for reconstruction and planning.

The Creaform HandySCAN 307 handheld 3D scanner is a standalone device. To use it, the user does not have to carry a tripod or other external device for fixation. It is enough to put the scanner in its factory shockproof case, bring it to the site and start working.

Best industries for HandySCAN

Industries in which the scanner may be useful:

  • automotive industry;
  • the sphere of science and education;
  • sphere of culture;
  • architecture;
  • aviation industry;
  • computer graphics.

External conditions will not affect its performance in any way.

New from HandySCAN is deservedly considered the most exemplary scanner in portable metrological 3D scanning. The device will easily satisfy the needs of people who value speed and high accuracy: design professionals, engineers, metrology and manufacturing professionals.

Thus, Creaform HandySCAN 307 is designed for those who are looking for the most efficient, autonomous and reliable way of 3D scanning to get accurate measurements of physical objects anywhere.

With the Creaform HandySCAN 307, rapid prototyping is possible, which is as important as the rest of the product development process. Rigorous testing and evaluation based on a prototype ensures the viability of the product and ensures that it will meet regulatory requirements. In addition, prototyping helps identify critical areas for improvement before the product hits the market.

The scanner can also be used in design. The model allows you to evaluate the ability of your concept to meet a given requirement, develop a prototype or start production in a short time. Rapid prototyping is a critical step required to design and validate a product prior to mass production.

HandySCAN 3D Scanner Benefits

The HandySCAN 307 delivers accurate, reproducible results, regardless of measurement quality or user experience. With dynamic referencing, the scanner and workpiece can move during measurement and still provide accurate, high-quality scans. The 3D scanner is easy to use and gives very accurate and reproducible results even in difficult conditions and on difficult surfaces.

The device has multiple lasers and automatic mesh generation to speed up the workflow from setup to scan.

The Model 307 is the benchmark in portable 3D metrology scanning. The scanner will easily meet the needs of design, manufacturing and metrology professionals who are looking for the most efficient and reliable way to get accurate 3D measurements of physical objects anywhere.

In addition, when you purchase Creaform 3D metrology equipment, Creaform provides you with the CreaCare™ customer support program. The manufacturer believes that customer care should be the brand’s top priority in order to help users improve efficiency and get the most out of the purchased 3D scanner.

Creaform HandtSCAN’s specs

Specifications of the HandySCAN 700:

Light source Grid of 3 red laser lines (+1 additional line)

Volumetric accuracy (mm/m) 0.020 + 0.060

Capture area (mm) 275 x 250

Working distance (mm) 300

Scanner Type Portable

Optional MaxSHOT 3D™ Extensions, Portable Workstation

Color Scan No

Marked Scan Yes

Part size range (m) 0.1 – 4.0

Scanning speed (dots/s) 480000

Scan Accuracy (mm) Up to 0.03

Volumetric Accuracy with MaxSHOT Next™ | Elite (mm/m) 0.020 + 0.015

Scan depth (mm) 250

Distance between points (mm) 0.2

Laser class 2M (eye safe)

Supported file types .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr, .3mf

USB 3.0 connection

Net weight (kg) 0.85

Dimensions (net) (mm) 77 x 122 x 294

Country of manufacture Canada

Certificates EC Compliance (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, Low Voltage Directive), compatible with rechargeable batteries (when applicable), IP50, WEEE

Operating temperature range (°C) 5 – 40

Operating Humidity Range (%) 10 – 90

As for the Creaform HandySCAN 307 price, it starts at $ 21,900. If you wonder Creaform Handyscan 307 where to buy, the best idea is to do this in professional online shop.

To sum up

Do you want to be sure that the process will be set up correctly from the very beginning? For a small fee, you can ask a qualified technician to come to your company to help you get familiar with the system and train your staff to work in specific conditions.

The manufacturer provides easily accessible multilingual technical support on all continents, which is carried out by highly qualified, enterprising and committed specialists. To protect your investment and always be a leader in your field, any scanner owner can subscribe to the CreaCare maintenance program, offered in a variety of content packages. Depending on the selected package, the client can purchase instant access to download all updates of the branded software.

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