3D printers are divided into:

  • FDM – work on the basis of a polymer thread, have good print quality and an affordable price;
  • SLA – make parts from polymer resins and are suitable for jewelry;
  • SLS – the most expensive, professional models.

Parts printed on a machine with thin nozzles from 0.1 to 0.4 mm (0.025 is the smallest size) have a perfectly smooth surface. The disadvantage of this solution is the low print speed, up to 10 hours, depending on the size of the product. The quality is also affected by the number of extruders. As a rule, one performs its standard functions, and additional ones make it possible to experiment and use several colors at the same time.

Top of professional 3d printers

The industry uses dimensional and multifunctional models that can create not only ultra-precise and reliable parts, but also entire layouts. Professional 3D printers are popular in engineering, science, design studios and businesses.

Prism Special Dual

A full-size printer with a working area of ​​up to 124 cm is capable of creating designs for design, architecture, mechanical engineering and even aviation. The consumables are based on plastic threads ABS, PLA, SBS and others. Installation of the device – desktop.

A feature of the model is a thin extruder nozzle (0.6 mm) with a dual bar feed, due to which two colors or types of plastic are used simultaneously. A 32-bit processor with a control board provides a high print speed of 200 mm/sec.

The working area is closed with a door and is equipped with a heated table, blowing system and cooling of the extruder. This allows you to use almost all types of plastic. The gadget is controlled through an electronic display with front-loading an SD card or connecting to a computer – your choice. The system easily reads the most common file formats.

Anycubic Photon S

In the middle of our rating of 3d printers for professionals is the Anycubic Photon S model. It is equipped with an advanced optical system and a large working camera. The device has a matrix light source that provides a uniform luminous flux over the entire plane of the desktop. This allows a very high curing speed of the layers to be achieved. In addition, the printer has an original function that allows you to simultaneously print eight identical models. According to the developers, the target audience for this device are orthodontists and jewelers. 

SprintRay Moonray S

High performance polymer resin printer creates parts with +/- 50 µm accuracy. The program for you provides props for the project and supports the figure until it is completely frozen.

To reproduce it, multi-colored standard resins are used – casting and modeling. The tank holds up to 25 times more consumables compared to analogues, allowing you to not be distracted from the creative process.

The software has a lot of settings and options for choosing the best option and correcting the loaded project. A feature of Moonray is wireless operation, and printing can also be started at night, leaving the device unattended.

Creality3D Ender 3

The Ender 3 is one of the best industrial 3d printers, that features an elegant and thoughtful design, excellent print quality and a wide build area. The scope of this printer is quite wide. It can be used to produce minifigures, do artistic modeling, and make small prototypes of parts and functional elements.

Choc Creator 2.0 Plus

The advanced design and printing technology of this printer allows you to create interesting chocolate figures in 2D, 2.5D and 3D format. The body of the device is made of aluminum and has small dimensions (42.5x45x42 cm). The printing platform is open to “viewers” to watch the creation of delicious masterpieces.

The machine comes with a 30 ml steel syringe, cleaning needles and two nozzles. The software has standard and print-ready drawings, and you can also upload scanned images and other objects via Wi-Fi or a USB port.

Printing accuracy is 300 microns, there is a choice of nozzle size – 0.4 or 0.8 mm. The speed of work depends on the complexity of the model. For example, simple horizontal images are applied to a cookie or a plate in 2-8 minutes, while three-dimensional figures are printed in 20 to 40 minutes.

Flash Forge Adventurer 3

The second position in our rating was taken by a model from the Chinese developer FlashForge in top 10 industrial 3d printers. The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi receiver, a removable heated pad for printing. In addition, manufacturers have provided a built-in webcam, a closed case and a color touch-screen display. The latter is intuitively understandable. There is the filament sensor to provide the ergonomics of the device. If the printer runs out of plastic, it automatically goes into standby mode and does not idle.

Natural Machines Foodini

The unique printer is able to create not only sweets, but also pasta, puree, and other edible decorations. The principle of “printing” is still the same as for standard 3D models: special granules or pureed products are loaded into the consumables compartment, the program starts – and the device applies the material to the plate. Printed dishes can be eaten immediately, baked or boiled.

The display of the machine has access to the Internet application, where recipes and photos of interesting dishes are posted. The layer thickness during printing is 3 mm, and the accuracy is 0.1 mm.

Tier Time UP Mini 2 ES

The compact device with a closed chamber prints all common types of plastic: PVA, ABC, PEVA, PP, HIPS, etc. The minimum thickness of the printed layer is 0.1 mm, and the extrusion speed is 200 mm per second. The size of the working area is small, but acceptable for making souvenirs or small objects (12x12x12 cm).

Process control and program selection is carried out via a 4.3-inch touch screen. There is Wi-Fi and a USB port. There is only one print head.

During operation, the extruder heats up to +299 degrees, melting the plastic thread, and the table temperature is maintained at +70 ° C, which makes the bottom of the molded part smooth.

Anycubic Mega S

A relatively inexpensive model with FDM printing technology and a spacious workspace 21x21x20.5 cm. The extruder heats up to 275 degrees, creating ideal conditions for even distribution of the plastic filament. Nozzle size 0.4 mm.

In the event of a power outage, the printer continues to print without interrupting the process. Alignment of the working “bed” will have to be done independently, but the device will adjust all other settings automatically. Thread interruption is signaled by a sound sensor.

The patented coating of the platform allows you to easily remove the finished chilled products with your hands or with a special spatula (if these are large figures).

Flying Bear Ghost 5

The FlyingBear reliable 3d printer is ideal for semi-professional use. It provides great opportunities to create three-dimensional figures. As for the resolution, it’s fairly high. There is the transparent Dual Drive extruder with BMG double drive to achieve high productivity. The gadget has a body, which is closed on three sides. To make it’s walls is used heat-resistant non-toxic ABS plastic. The maintenance of the printer is greatly facilitated with its working parts. The device is controlled using a 3.5-inch color TFT display.


Today, there are several technologies for printing on a 3D printer. They differ significantly from each other. Let’s consider some of them.

SLA-technology – works on the basis of a liquid photopolymer, which under the influence of laser light changes its physical properties and hardens. It allows you to create figurines with the highest precision of microforms.

DLP technology is an alternative SLA method. However, instead of laser systems, LED projectors are used here, which significantly reduce the cost of 3D printers. When using this technology, the future prototype is formed layer by layer.

The FDM method is ideal when prototypes are required that will be actively used, and not just sitting on a shelf. Here, high-strength industrial plastics will be used for production. Please note that there are other technologies, but they are very similar to the above.


Before buying a printer, you should also pay attention to what materials it works with, as they have significant differences from each other. For example, ABS can take many different polymeric forms. This is a very durable plastic. It is easily sanded and processed. PLA plastic is considered more environmentally friendly. It is made from agricultural products – corn, potatoes, beets and others. In its original form, it is transparent and can be colored. PLA is just as strong but tougher than ABS. The ductility and heat resistance of SBS make it the material of choice in engineering and mechanical applications.

Noise level and driver

An important factor when choosing a 3D printer are drivers – device engines (not to be confused with software). They affect the overall noise level of the device. For example, if you buy a printer with a cheap A4988, then even neighbors will hear its work. In this case, you should pay a little more and purchase a gadget with more expensive drivers.

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