The purpose of a 3D scanner is to create a point cloud of geometric patterns on the surface of an object. These points can then be extrapolated to recreate the shape of the object (a process called reconstruction). If color data were obtained, then the color of the reconstructed surface can also be determined.

3D scanners are a bit like regular cameras. In particular, they have a cone-shaped field of view, and they can only receive information from surfaces that have not been darkened. The difference between these two devices is that the camera transmits only information about the color of the surface that is in its field of view, but the 3D scanner collects information about the distances on the surface, which is also in its field of view. Thus, the “picture” obtained using a 3D scanner describes the distance to the surface at each point in the image. This allows you to determine the position of each point in the picture in 3 planes at once.

In most cases, one scan is not enough to create a complete model of the object. Several such operations are required. As a rule, a decent number of scans from different directions will be needed in order to obtain information about all sides of the object. All scan results must be normalized to a common coordinate system, a process called image snapping or alignment, before a complete model is created. This whole procedure from a simple map with distances to a full-fledged model is called a 3D scanning pipeline.

3D human scanner optical

The technology involves the operation of a lamp flash operating at a high frequency. Special cameras of the 3D human scanner capture the projection distortion of an object, calculate its dimensions, and translate them into a special program for further processing.

These devices work faster than laser counterparts for 3D body scanning, so they are used to process moving objects, people’s faces. They cannot be used with shiny, mirror, transparent surfaces. 3D optical scanners are used to capture a person in full growth. This requires a rotating platform. The process takes approximately 20 minutes.

3D human laser scanner

For correct capture, it is necessary to fix reflective points on or near the object. In addition, the capture time is quite long, so people and other moving objects are rarely filmed with such devices. The accuracy of the resulting model is higher than that of optical devices. The devices use second-class lasers that do not harm eyesight.

These devices are more commonly used for landscape photography, such as landscaping, and also in architecture to scan huge buildings.

The process of scanning a person with a 3D scanner

How to do a body scan? The use of modern devices allows you to get a full copy within 10-15 minutes. To do this, the object of scanning, in this case, a person, is placed on a rotating platform and “photographed” from all sides.

Then the data obtained as a result of 3D scanning of a person is processed in a special program: they check for errors, the presence of holes, correct geometry inconsistencies, texture and color accuracy. The operating time depends on the complexity of the object, small details and computer power.

3d body scan printers print figurines from polymer, metal and plastic. The size of the figurine is from 10 cm. At the same time, a very accurate copy is obtained, which can serve as an excellent souvenir or gift.

In medicine, engineering, jewelry and other areas, the process is about the same. The only difference is the accuracy of the devices and the scale of the scanned objects. It is very important to preserve the original dimensions as much as possible, since the quality of the products obtained depends on this, and in medicine also the health of people. They process both large parts, such as engines, and very small ones, as part of a microcircuit. Mostly laser devices are used.

3D technologies are now used in many areas of human life, and the gift industry is no exception. To make a unique gift in the modern world, you must at least show miracles of creativity. And here high technologies come to the rescue, including 3D scanning of people. Using 3D scanning, many companies and private customers make unusual gifts to their colleagues, friends and family members – the so-called 3d minicopies. How to get a full body scan? To create an exact 3D copy of a person measuring, for example, 18 centimeters, on average, it takes about three days. At the same time, it takes about five minutes to scan a person, to create a 3d figure.

That is, in order to create your own 3D copy, a person does not have to spend long hours sitting in one position in front of the artist, as it was before, when sculptors were involved in creating mini-copies. But, as in the case of artists, the 3d scan human body scanners created after scanning can be finalized by bringing the proportions of the scanned person to the ideal. Plus 3d scanning allows you to animate the scanned object.

That is, a finished minicopy of a person can be printed in any position that differs from the original position of the person during scanning. For 3d scanning of a person, 3Dsol uses several different models of professional scanners that are used in industrial design, medicine, science, design and art. For example, Artec scanners for 3d scan people are often used by filmmakers. The most realistic movie dinosaurs from Jurassic World were created using these scanners. What can we say about the mini copies of a person, which are made using Artec scanners. Even the best portrait painters in the world can envy their naturalism!

Advantages of 3d scanning of people as a separate branch of the 3d industry

3d scanning has a lot of advantages over other methods of recreating and materializing certain objects. First of all, trusting professionals to scan your body, you save time, effort, and, what is also important, money, while ultimately getting a 3d figure that is superior in quality to the work of most artists. In order to create such a 3D figurine, you do not need to purchase a 3D scanner yourself and study the features of its operation. It is enough just to call a specialist and decide on the conditions of scanning. Under certain circumstances, our masters in the field of 3d scanning will come to the place indicated by you. 

Otherwise, you will be asked to stop by our office for a few minutes. It is also important that during 3d scanning of a person, a computer program specially developed for the scanner saves data about the outer shell of the human body, more precisely, about the structure and color of the clothes in which the person is scanned. Performing a 3D scan of a person, specialists receive its exact computer model, on the basis of which it is possible to create a 3D mini-copy of a person, a copy of a person in full growth, that is, a whole sculpture, as well as an animated film with the participation of a scanned person. 3D scanning services at 3Dsol are carried out taking into account all the wishes of the customer. 

To sum up

Before starting scanning, experts clarify the purpose of digitization, the size of the future 3d figure, the resolution of the scan and its format. All the nuances are discussed in advance and explained to the customer, if necessary and at his request. The possibilities of 3D human scanning are truly unique and excite the imagination of even the most creative people. That is why 3d face scanner figurines and mini copies occupy a leading position among corporate gifts and gifts for loved ones.


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