3D scanning is similar in principle to the functions of the human eye. Such a scanner can calculate the size of an object and the distance to it. Just like a person has two eyes, the scanner has 2 working chambers. After all the information about the object is received, the scanner starts to make a 3D model.

Portable 3D Scanners rating

In various fields of activity, such scanners have already begun to replace some equipment in production. 3D scanners have become popular in the medical field, in architecture, cinema, etc. Soon, no factories and production will do without this amazing device, because a 3D scanner really facilitates a lot of processes.

The principle of stereo vision is taken as the basis for the operation of a 3D scanner. Scanning cameras calculate the distance, dimensions and shape of the part. Usually the scanner has a flash or a laser, which allows you to take measurements as accurately as possible. The pictures that are taken from both cameras and the surface data of the part are sent to the PC.

Further, the data is subject to processing, analysis is done and displayed on the screen in the format of a point cloud. This cloud will need further refinement to make a 3D model out of it. A qualified specialist, a 3D modeler, is working on this process. Three-dimensional modeling makes it possible to create a model of any, even the most complex object.

If you have ever done a scan of text, then you understand that the recognition process follows. And only after that it can be used as a document of any format. Scanning a volumetric object is much more difficult. Ideally, 3D scanning is suitable for objects that will later need to be printed through a 3D printer. 3D scanning is used when it is very difficult to measure an object to build a model.

The 3D scanner market is a large and diverse product space with a wide range of products, with devices of all shapes, sizes, features and prices. While having such a wide selection is great, it makes the task of separating the worthwhile offers from the uninteresting offers quite difficult.

Whether you are looking for the perfect entry-level scanner suitable for home and hobby use, or a device with more powerful software and efficient processes, or an industrial 3D scanner that can handle complex tasks such as quality control, reverse engineering or metrology, we are sure that you will find in our review a scanner that suits your task and available budget.

Each scanner is included in our list for a reason, it got its place in the list for certain distinctive features, technology, price, or for a successful combination of these factors. We tried to cover the whole spectrum, from very affordable consumer devices to those suitable for small businesses (and even a little beyond). There is a top of handheld 3d scanners.

Portable 3D scanner EinScan-Pro

This 3D scanner is the optimal device for scanning objects of almost any size and for various purposes. The EinScan-Pro portable 3D scanner pleases users with its pleasant design, ergonomics and ease of use. This is the best option for both large-scale projects and for working on small tasks. The developers position the EinScan-Pro 3D scanner as a reliable tool for commercial and consumer tasks in the field of manufacturing, mechanical engineering, design, testing and development.

In addition, best handheld 3d scanners can be used as an auxiliary tool for creating animations and even for scanning people. The resulting digital data is so accurate that it requires minimal processing in 3D modeling programs. With the appropriate configuration, the EinScan-Pro 3D scanner can scan in color and capture the texture of objects.

The EinScan-Pro 3D scanner uses an LED lamp to operate, which makes more accurate 3D scanning possible. The software of the device provides the ability to create both “open” 3D models for further work in the digital environment, and “closed” models that are ideal for 3D printing.

XYZprinting 2.0A

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting added its first 3D scanner to its range in 2015. A new version, 3D Scanner 2.0, has recently been released. It is relatively small and light with its 238 grams, offering the user great portability and ease of use. It includes 4 different scan modes which allow you to scan objects, the whole body, head or face. The maximum scan size is 100 x 100 x 200 cm. Lateral resolution, it ranges from 1 to 2.5 mm. The price is available from 199 €.

Artec Leo

Artec Leo is the first 3D scanner with built-in automatic post-processing technology, which makes the scanning process so intuitive that now shooting a 3D object is no more difficult than shooting video. You can view the progress of the scan and 3D model creation in real time on the screen of the touch-controlled Leo scanner. Rotate your 3D model, make sure all areas are captured and scan for missing areas.

With 3D rendering speeds up to 80 frames per second, Artec Leo is the fastest handheld professional 3D scanner available and one of the most accurate handheld 3d scanner today. What’s more, its wide image capture angle enables accurate and fast scanning and processing of large area objects such as indoors. And in order for the scanner to recognize the smallest details, bring it closer to the object, as you would with a video camera in your hands.

  • Artec Leo contains state-of-the-art technologies, including:
  • the NVIDIA Jetson platform, which is the scanner’s own embedded computer, with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 MPCore processor and an NVIDIA Maxwell 1 TFLOPS GPU with 256 NVIDIA CUDA Cores;
  • a built-in 9-axis inertial system that combines an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, which gives the scanner information about the location environment and position in space;
  • a two-in-one optical system designed specifically to accurately recognize both texture and surface geometry.
  • Scanning in any conditions

The powerful built-in processor and battery of the Artec Leo provide absolute freedom of movement during the scanning process. The absence of the need to connect it to a computer and the mains, allows you to shoot, moving freely around the object holding the scanner in one hand, without touching any wires or auxiliary equipment. Purchase an extra battery for scanning on expeditions or in remote areas where stationary power sources are not available.

The built-in battery, touch screen and wireless connectivity of the Artec Leo handheld scanner take 3D scanning to the next level. Experience complete freedom of movement during the scanning process, connect an additional screen via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and upload data at the touch of a button. Add to that a carefully crafted ergonomic design that makes it easy and comfortable to scan with one hand, and you have a next-generation professional 3D scanner designed with user comfort in mind.

Areas of use

The ability of the Artec Leo scanner to capture large areas of the territory and the smallest details of the surface equally well makes it possible to use it to scan a wide variety of objects – from small parts to the human body, cars, boats or crime scenes. Like other Artec 3D scanners, its range of applications is huge, including industrial manufacturing and quality control, healthcare, forensics, advertising, and online shopping. What’s more, the Artec Leo scanner’s wireless adapter and built-in processor allow you to connect various devices to it, which greatly expands your possibilities, regardless of the field of activity.


3D scanning company Thor3D has unveiled its latest 3D scanner, the Calibry, the top portable 3d scanner. The new device offers an affordable and lightweight 3D scanning solution suitable for capturing medium to large objects as well as objects with sharp edges, hair and black or shiny surfaces.

The new Calibry 3D scanner is the first Thor3D product to feature a proprietary camera rather than conventional cameras. The built-in texture camera (2.3MP) can reportedly capture up to 3 million points per second and allows users to capture a wider range of subjects.

Based on specifications, Calibry achieves accuracy down to 0.1mm and resolution down to 0.3mm. It also weighs only 700g, making it extremely light and therefore portable. The device also features a user-friendly built-in touch display for easy operation.

Artec Space Spider

Artec Space Spider is a portable metrology-accurate top among handheld 3d scanners, that uses advanced electronic components and an improved operating temperature stabilization function. Suitable for scanning mechanical parts, computer circuit boards, keys, coins or body parts. Differs in ability to scan the most difficult geometry of a surface, providing the best quality of scans. The scope of Space Spider is very wide: design, computer graphics, quality control, forensics, medicine, education, science, automotive and aerospace industries and much more.


The Leica RTC360, one of the best portable 3d scanners, is the new terrestrial 3D laser scanner from Leica Geosystems in a compact design that scans at up to 2 Mpts per second, twice as fast as ever before! This device is a professional solution and is suitable for work both in the office and in the field. Just like the BLK360, the RTC360 mobile scanner is extremely easy to use and will easily perform high-performance scanning of objects up to 130 meters away, generating a color 3D HDR point cloud in less than 2 minutes.

The built-in VIS (Visual Inertial System), GNSS sensors, compass and altimeter capture the movements of the scanning station and perform automatic binding to control points, thereby greatly simplifying the processing of field results in the office and saving you time.

Using the highly automated RTC360 handheld 3D scanner in conjunction with the Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 field software for mobile devices to automatically register scans in real time and the Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 for fast and accurate alignment of point clouds taken from various survey locations.


The HSCAN331 3D scanner uses a laser to capture a point cloud from the surface of an object.

The handheld scanner allows the operator to easily scan objects of different sizes by simply moving the scanner around the object. Can be combined with photogrammetry (MSCAN) when scanning large objects to reduce the accumulated error, which improves the accuracy of the scan. The scanner is convenient to carry and scan objects both in the laboratory and in production shops.

Peel 3D

Peel 3d is a line of portable 3D scanners from the leading Canadian manufacturer Creaform, and one of the best portable 3d scanners. Their main advantage is the combination of affordability and high quality 3D scanning and data processing.

The equipment allows measuring geometrically complex objects from 5 cm to 3 m in a few minutes with an accuracy of 100 microns. Suitable for solving problems of reverse engineering and digitalization of objects in industry, design, science and education, architecture and art.

Range Vision Smart

This structured light 3D scanner was developed by Russian manufacturer RnageVision. This is a professional desktop scanner tripod that is ideal for scanning objects from 4 cm to 1 meter. In terms of specifications, it provides 0.1mm accuracy and 0.12mm resolution. Its near scan range is 150 x 112mm and its furthest is 500 x 375mm. Finally, it has two cameras and autofocus, making it easy to calibrate. It is now available in grey, yellow and red from €2,500. Several accessories can be added to the RangeVision Smart as a turntable.

Da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1

The Da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 from XYZprinting is not a 3D scanner in and of itself; As the name suggests, this is a hybrid machine that allows you to scan, print and burn for 899 euros. Therefore, a scanner module is built into the machine, which works through laser triangulation. If you look at its specifications, the scanner offers an accuracy of 0.25 mm and a resolution of 2,140 dots per cm2. A machine that will allow you to cover the entire creation process, from design to manufacturing.

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