HTC Introduces Vive Ultimate Tracker for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experience

HTC has launched the Vive Ultimate Tracker, a device that offers multi-point body tracking when paired with one of the company’s virtual reality headsets. The tracker, which belongs to HTC’s Vive Tracker 3.0 line, is priced at $199 per unit, with a three-pack bundle including the required wireless dongle and other accessories available for $599.

The Ultimate Tracker supports up to five “six degrees of freedom” (6DoF) trackers simultaneously, enabling users to connect them to a single headset for multi-point full-body tracking. Each tracker utilizes two wide field-of-view cameras to accurately detect the wearer’s movements in 3D spaces, enhancing the virtual reality experience. Shen Ye, HTC’s Global Head of Product, stated that the Ultimate Tracker’s technology significantly improves realism and immersion during VR sessions. Unlike previous models, the Ultimate Tracker does not rely on a base station for tracking.

Weighing only 94 grams per unit, the lightweight positional trackers can be easily attached to various accessories, increasing their versatility for applications such as VR training and dancing in VRChat. For instance, the Vive Ultimate Tracker can be used specifically for foot tracking, allowing soccer players to assess their passing skills during drills. Adam Dickinson, Director of Rezzil, a VR-focused tech company for athlete training, praised the new tracker for its versatility and ease of setup.

For more information on HTC’s Vive Ultimate Tracker, visit the official HTC website.


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